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SubiSpace is an open and vibrant working environment filled with ambitious people.

Centrally located on York Street in Subiaco, SubiSpace is a sunlit and energetic coworking space where people can connect, create and thrive. The large, naturally-lit space is filled with plants and vibrancy and will help you to work more effectively and collaborate with others.

We pride ourselves in curating a diverse and multidisciplinary community, welcoming entrepreneurs, creatives, international and national visitors, small business people and innovators. Anyone with a project or a passion is welcome to join our growing community of like-minded people.


What's on offer
at SubiSpace:

✓    Large desks and comfy chairs
✓    Casual meeting areas
✓    Unlimited and fast WiFi
✓    Formal meeting room
✓    Sun drenched courtyard
✓    Fully equipped kitchen
✓    Tea and coffee
✓    Colour printing and copying
✓    Networking opportunities
✓    Friday drinks!

See for yourself;
visit us anytime.

We love a friendly face and welcome drop-by visitors.
Take a look for yourself; we're open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. 
If you’d like to stay in the space after your tour you are welcome. Your first day with us is free.

We offer a range of flexible coworking plans from casual day and weekly rates to more permanent membership options. Take a look at our packages to see what's on offer.


SubiSpace offers a range of packages, and all are contract-free. If there isn't a package here for you, we'll happily customise one to meet your needs.

We can customise or create a package to accomodate all types of arrangements.
Contact us to discuss coworking for teams, a dedicated workspace where you can
set up your desktop and personal items, hire of our private board room, or lease
of our dedicated small office, ideal for a business of 4-6 people.



Most popular:


✓ Casual workspace
✓ WiFi access
✓ Access to communal areas

HALF DAY (4 hrs)

✓ Casual workspace
✓ WiFi access
✓ Access to communal areas


✓ Casual workspace
✓ WiFi access
✓ Access to communal areas

$330/mo ($27.5/day)

✓ All casual benefits
✓ Access 3 days a week
✓ Fair use meeting room access

$500/mo ($25/day)

✓ Casual benefits + postal address
✓ Access 5 days a week
✓ Fair use meeting room access

SubiSpace provides a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals and teams to grow their business.

The brainchild of Amanda Blumer and Michael Aitken, SubiSpace was established in January 2017 to offer professionals a new way of working that is quickly growing in popularity and garnering global attention.

Amanda and Michael's shared experience operating a branding and graphic design business lead them to see the benefits of open-plan workspaces; their team was more productive and creative, they reported higher levels of joy in their work and communicated more effectively and openly.

Recognising that new businesses and consultants don't always want to commit to long-term leases, and with a beautiful sunlit warehouse to spare, Michael and Amanda opened SubiSpace and joined the global community of coworkers. SubiSpace welcomes business people from a wide vareity of industries, from finance and accounting, to blogging, administration, architecture and even urban farming!

We’re excited to share our experience and help small businesses grow.
— Amanda Blumer

Do you have a suggestion for a networking or collaborative event? Contact us to chat about hosting your event at SubiSpace.



We are conveniently located near public transport, Subiaco Officeworks, Rokeby Road shopping precinct and Hay Street's cafes and restaurants.

Open: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Address: 101 York Street, Subiaco
Phone: 0431 291 671

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